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IEB13: David Lowery on Cultivating a Company Culture of Constant Learning, Infinite Creativity and Collaboration

Today’s guest is David Lowery, First Vice President and Head of the Commercial Real Estate Group of the Metropolitan Commercial Bank. Topics include: David explains the role and priorities of a first vice president. Why David places an emphasis on the thirst for knowledge. The staff structure of the Metropolitan Commercial Bank. The pressure and challenges that come with the […]

IEB12: Jennifer Shull on Leadership and the Shared Mission of Patient Care

Today’s guest is Jennifer Shull, the Vice-President of Patient Care and Chief Nursing Officer at the Fort Hamilton Hospital in Hamilton, Ohio.  Topics include: Jennifer’s background and the roots of her attitude towards people management. Leadership techniques that have served Jennifer throughout her career. Active listening as powerful means to connection. The role of feedback in achieving high performance and […]

IEB11 – Derick Deal: Fitness as a Holistic Pursuit and the Relationship Between the Body and Mind

Today’s guest is Derick Deal, a high-performance coach who empowers people to create powerful definitions for how to lead a life “on fire.” Topics include: Cognitive fitness and the connection between the mind and the body. Breaking free from thought-loops through communication. The infinite capacity of human thought. A new definition or definitions of fitness. Human being versus human doing. The idea […]

IEB010 – Yamile Luna: Giving Yourself To Help Others and Applying Leadership Frameworks in an Organization

Today’s guest is Yamile Luna, Assistant Vice President at Florida Hospital Community Impact and Volunteer Services. Topics include: When your heart and your passion combine to impact lives. Getting people to open up and trust you through emulating Christ. Belief in leadership frameworks and the change it makes in an organization. Knowing what success looks like through common methods and […]

IEB009 – Tim Cook: Preserving a Culture of Transparency and Trust During the Transition Period of Opening a New Hospital

Today’s guest is Tim Cook, Senior Vice President of Florida Hospital, West Orange County. Topics include: The lessons learned and three strategies for opening a new hospital. Using employee focus groups to understand hospital transitions and growth. Bringing in leadership frameworks to understand the thoughts and feelings of the team. Identifying the true desired cultural characteristics within the hospital system. […]

IEB008 – Anne Kelly: How to Engage Leaders With Their Frontline People

Today’s guest is Anne Kelly, President of IAMA Venture, a full-service Talent Management consulting firm. Topics include: * Teaching characteristics associated with the Baldridge Presidential award. * Anchoring principles that hold in businesses through unstable times. * The belief in frontline people to create solutions to their problems. * The GIG: greatness in and greatness will grow. * Chain of […]

TIEB007 -Brian Paradis: How to Lead With Vulnerability, Straight Talk, and Imagination

Today’s guest is Brian Paradis, a Senior Partner at CSuite Solutions. Topics include: * Creating a safe environment for transparency * Leading with love * Brian’s transition from the finance industry * Why leadership is about humility * Converting strategy into action through mind-mapping * The fundamentals of marketing and innovation * Intertwining imagination with leadership * Seven principles and […]

TIEB006 – Beth Weagraff: How Learning Enables Us to Help Others

Today’s guest is Beth Weagraff, Vice President of Post-Acute Care Development and Implementation for Adventist Health System. Topics include: * Understanding post-acute care and implementation * Caring for patients outside of the hospital * The biases in healthcare and creating a non-judgmental space * The challenges of working in a patient’s private home * Navigating a patient’s family and your […]

TIEB005 – Samuel N. Shields: How to Build a Culture of Connection

Today’s guest is Samuel N. Shields, the Director of Operational Excellence at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Value Institute. Topics include: * How Sam continues to expand the brain * Building trust, confidence and connection with patients * Sam’s journey from chemistry to healthcare * The biggest social challenges in Sam’s work * Leadership changes and the culture of Dartmouth-Hitchcock * How to leverage […]

TIEB004 – Blaine Graboyes on How to Integrate the Creative Arts with the Sciences

Today’s guest is Blaine Graboyes, CEO of GameCo, Inc. Topics include: * Blaine’s experience attending Bennington College as an entrepreneur * How sculpture and photography inspired Blaine’s design career * The crucial role of the integration between the arts and the sciences * Demystifying the biggest myths in the video game industry * Understanding the changes in video game consumer […]

TIEB003 -Ed Noseworthy : Successfully Bringing Your Team Onboard Through Leadership Practices

Today’s guest is Ed Noseworthy, the CEO of Florida Hospital Fish Memorial. Topics include: Never staying static and constantly being engaged Five practices a leader needs to know to be able to lead The 3 R’s: Resolve, Resilient, Relentless Understanding the think and feel to be able to respond appropriately How to be vulnerable and invest in your team Four […]

TIEB002 Brian Adams : Leading With Positive Reinforcement

As the CEO of Florida Hospital Tampa, Brian Adams drives an organization where everyone from patients to physicians feel engaged, inspired, and most importantly, heard. In today’s episode, Brian reveals how leading with positive reinforcement will open your mind ? and your team ? to new possibilities. He also dispels the biggest healthcare myths, and shows us how to transform any […]

TIEB001 Ron Glickman : How To Prime Your Brain For Exceptional Leadership

As CIO for organizations like Trader Joe’s, Ron Glickman has been pushing the boundaries of technology and leadership for more than twenty years. At the root of all his success is his ability to push his mind far beyond its limits. In our first episode of the Infinitely Expandable Brain, Ron unveils his four-fold technique to promoting creativity, shutting down […]