General Industry Testimonials

General Industry

  • DCG helps British Airways identify new revenue channels worth $1B over seven years.

    “DCG has helped bring British Airways through one of the most difficult times in our company history. Your work with our sales regions in the USA has resulted in more than $1B in new revenue over the last 7 years. Not sure we would have survived without your workshops that brought new skills to the USA sales team that have dramatically impacted how they work.”
    Jim KalinowskiFormer Director Marketing | British Airways
  • Grass Roots Teams saves International Transportation company millions.

    “The GRI workshop is exactly what we needed in our company. I knew from my travels that the frontline employees had great ideas. What was needed was a pragmatic approach that would help them have the confidence to speak with upper management and give them the facts. In Europe alone, the teams have saved more than $1.2 million dollars – and we can add South Africa and the US to it, which gives us more than $2 million in measured benefits within the first year. What I like most about this work is you are giving our frontline employees reusable skills that will serve as the vehicle for transforming our culture and bringing sustainable results. I think of it as an annuity of annual benefits.”
    Ron GlickmanFormer CIO and Exec for Quality | UTi
  • Con Edison – one employee team of union workers saves $1 million dollars.

    “In working with a team of union employees we identified the best approach to get the executives’ attention to hear and see what was happening. The team discovered that every time we presented an idea to someone the first two responses to it were always NO. We learned to listen to feedback and objections, analyze them and correct for issues brought up, the second time the No gets softer. The third time, it will be YES! As a result of the GRI projects we have implemented in the past year, the company will save more than $1 million. Upon attending several GRI workshops the Union President said, ‘You have helped our workers package their message in a way that clearly gets executives to listen and respond. Thank you. ”
    Jim SnookSupervisor | Overhead construction team | Con Edison
  • IBM frontline workers learn to be change-agents

    “We have two choices with change in our lives. Whether we like it or not, we’re not going to be able to hide from it. Either we are going to be change agents or change victims. The tools from the DCG workshop were imperative if we were to take the business to the next level. We built a scorecard as we went along to calculate how many hours were saved as a result of the workshops. I learned that it was my role to create an environment that is open enough for people to tell me what was actually going on, even when it was unfavorable.” (The results were confirmed as the accounting department received the CFO Reach Award and Rich made the front cover of their award issue.)
    Rich BannonFormer accounting Director | IBM
  • Holiday Inn in Binghamton, NY dares to raise prices.

    “I knew I had poor morale, lack of initiative, and a pervasive attitude that anything that went wrong was somebody else’s problem and this led to unhappy guests, one of which was Tony Dottino. Tony taught me how to get the staff to buy into my goals and then trust that if they spoke to me with candor and had suggestions for improvements no one would be punished. As a result, the hotel’s revenue increased by 35%, hotel occupancy increased by 13%, and customer satisfaction has put us into the top 10.  And we even dared to raise our prices in a tough competitive market.”
    Candace Jones General Manager | Holiday Inn | Binghamton, NY