Get your copy of The BrainSmart Leader and the critically acclaimed Grass Roots Leaders – The BrainSmart Revolution in Business.


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The aim of this book is to deal with the challenging issues that face organizational leaders. These include teamworking, change, information processing, harnessing creativity and encouraging the best from employees. 

Grass Roots

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Grass Roots Leaders galvanizes the emotional enthusiasm of the workforce and taps the wealth of their brain power to create an engine of innovation that ripples through the organization from the bottom up and powers it forward. Tony Dottino, Tony Buzan and Richard Israel pick up a theme they first introduced nearly a decade ago in The Brain Smart Leader and document a way of fundamentally changing the perspective and behavior of leaders and employees in your organization. The book accurately captures the current state of thinking in organizations, as well as the latest research on how our brains work, to deliver a radical blueprint organizations need to survive and  succeed in today’s world. A Brain Smart Revolution in Business starts with one person – you.