Trainer Certification

Certified Train-the-Trainer Program:

Clients with large populations of workers (managers and frontline) may prefer to certify their own in-house individuals to conduct in-house training and license DCG’s intellectual property (IP). DCG provides a complete “Train the Trainer” program – training, detailed coaching and a step-by-step manual to successfully teach and implement the GRI and Leadership Frameworks methodologies. DCG certifies trainers to ensure the methodologies are properly understood and applied, and to make certain each of your facilitators delivers the program with consistent and effective messaging.

Here are a few key elements of the DCG Certification process:

Requirements: Prior to entering the Certification workshop, each of your designated facilitators must attend at least one Leadership Frameworks or Grass Roots Innovations workshop.  Additionally, while in the workshop, they must lead at least one team improvement project.  This way, your leaders will be prepared to properly facilitate the workshop and manage its implementation within your organization.

Initial Certification Workshop: We provide a complete, five-day instructor Certification workshop.  Your leaders will learn all the tools and techniques they need to facilitate a DCG workshop with excellence.  Comprehensive instructors’ manuals will be used throughout the week.  Over 50% of the Certification is designated for teach back time so that new facilitators will be fully prepared for any situation when they run their first workshop.

Co-Facilitation with a DCG Facilitator: Each leader will co-facilitate at least one workshop with a Dottino Facilitator.  This will help the new facilitator cover all the bases, instruct a clear and exciting message and effectively manage the teams as they create and then implement their improvement projects.

Final Graduation: Once we agree that the leader is ready to instruct on their own, we conduct a final graduation ceremony, giving your leaders closure and confidence as they start scheduling their own internal workshops.

Additional Resources:  DCG will continue to be a resource for your workshop leaders after they graduate. We will be available for questions via phone and e-mail, we will provide new insights and case studies to be utilized in workshops and we will proactively inquire on your new facilitators’ ongoing success.