Healthcare Testimonials


  • “In my 28-year career at Florida Hospital, the greatest gift I have ever been given was being selected and trained to teach Leadership Frameworks to other managers.”
    Barbara ErmannDirector of Psychiatry | Florida Hospital
  • A Leader Transformed by Leadership Frameworks™

    “Tony, your coaching and Frameworks class have changed the way I lead the organization and it has made a dramatic impact on me personally as well as professionally.”
    Beth WeagraffCOO | Florida Hospital
  • ED Transforms Patient Experience

    “I have been in the hospital several times in the past and have noticed an extreme difference in my nursing care this time. The level of care was phenomenal and the way the nurses are now interacting with patients leaves me with no concerns and that I am being taken care of as best as possible.”
    Patient - Unit 3900Florida Hospital | Altamonte Springs, Florida
  • World-class satisfaction scores, 20% in patient volume growth attributed to DCG.

    “As a result of the work DCG did with my ED team, you have reduced door to doc time to less than 30 minutes, which led to a 20% growth in our in-patient volumes. And expanding this work to our in-patient and support teams has given us world-class Gallup Scores and patient satisfaction results above the 90% percentile. This has led us to an increase in our in-bed capacity and we now have more than 2000 employees. I want to personally thank you for the one-on-one help you have given me as it has made a significant impact on my leadership skills that I will be able to use forever.”
    Brian Adams COO | Florida Hospital Altamonte
  • When Hospital Staff Learn Brain-to-Brain Communication

    “I work in a large hospital in Ohio and I just want to say what an awesome hospital this is. Patient Care is EXCELLENT with everyone from transport to Andrea in Doppler. Every single person I came in contact with introduced themselves and asked me what they could do to make me comfortable. You should be proud of your institution.  It is outstanding!”
    Patient - Unit 4900Florida Hospital | Altamonte Springs, Florida
  • A 20-year logjam broken by DCG.

    “I have been here for more than 20 years and never thought this place would ever change. But it is changing, just as you said it would during our Leadership Frameworks session. Honestly, we have been through the consulting drill so many times I never believed any consultant could change this culture.”
    Dr. MartenAssistant Medical Director, Emergency Dept. | Fish Memorial Hospital