Subject Matter Training


A one-day seminar that explains how organizational dynamics and memory impact an organization’s innovation. Participants develop new creative skills and are taught to apply them to solve ongoing business problems.

A typical seminar may include up to 25 people.

Mind Mapping

A workshop to learn an indispensable tool that can be used to enhance organizational communications, creativity, teamwork, and problem solving. The workshop is conducted over one and a half days, with one day for teaching/with applications and a follow-up 6 weeks later to debrief results and share successes.

A typical workshop may include up to 25 people.

Boot Camp for the Brain

A series of workshops that utilizes latest research to teach people how their brain learns, retains and recalls information. Participants are taught basic memory systems and learn how to customize them to fit their specific styles of learning. They also learn to study in great detail the features of a human face, and how to apply that knowledge to determine if someone is being truthful with them when communicating.

A class can be offered to 100-200 people at one time. 

Team Building

A one-day seminar that highlights the basics of human thinking and how this impacts organizational dynamics and teamwork.

A typical seminar may include up to 25 people.

Cognitive Fitness

A two-day workshop that leverages the latest research to reshape people’s thinking and behaviors. This includes basic memory techniques that can be applied to day-to-day work actions.

A typical workshop may include up to 25 people.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is an essential element of leadership. It’s in every interaction and it affects every aspect of our professional and personal life, including: decision-making; judgement; attention; memory; learning; relationship-quality; physical and mental health; and emotional climate. What are we blind to and what are we aware of in our every day behavior? What impact are we having on our clients, customers, staffs, colleagues and our managers. How do we become more aware, and, should we decide to, how do we change? If a leader wants success, they must be in command of and aware of their emotional intelligence strengths and improve their weak points. Yes, this can be learned. In this workshop, you will learn how to manage your emotional states, including stress; you will understand mindfulness and how to use it; how to become aware of your emotional intelligence; how to cultivate feedback; how to hear feedback and use it constructively, the ADAM™ Method of behavior change; the real meaning of your communication; empathy – what it is and how to use it. Beyond lecture, you will be guided through structured exercises and assignments that provide knowledge and insights to allow you to have greater impact as a leader in the workplace and in your life.