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  • GRI projects just keep on delivering for ASCAP.

    “The one thing that's so gratifying about the GRI (Grass Roots Workshop) is that when I go from department to department reviewing operations in ASCAP and comment on the meaningful innovation made by staff or management, they inevitably say to me. ‘Don't you remember, that was a Grass Roots project?’ I have studied a number of improvement techniques but continue to be amazed at the simplicity of GRI and how incredibly powerful and life-changing the results continue to be for the graduates. This is one workshop that continues to deliver sustained results. And the bottom line numbers are well over $2 million in benefits.”
    Marshall TarleyFormerly Director of Leadership Development | ASCAP …and currently a DCG consultant
  • The Greening of Homeland Security leads to Best Practice Results.

    “DCG’s workshops address the most prevalent management challenges in a unique way, providing practical strategies and tools to engage employees. They help leaders create an environment that sustains creativity, passion for work and build leadership skills at all levels of the organization. When DCG started it was an environment of despair, lethargy, mediocre performance and lack of accountability. It was replaced with teamwork, creativity, pride and leadership at all levels. In addition to the thousands of dollars saved by the GRI teams, a significant benefit was realized when the American Correctional Association accorded us a score that was a close to perfect 95. This was a homeland detention center that two years earlier was at the bottom of the standings.”
    Anne KellyCEO Director | Federal Consulting Group