Challenges / Solutions

Minds over Matters – and why it matters.

The Challenges

The challenges to meaningful organizational performance are multiplying. For management, it may be engaging employees to create outstanding customer experiences, or aligning the frontline with company goals, or dealing with a lack of ownership and accountability at all levels. Or, typically, all of these and more.

For the frontline, meanwhile, it could be dealing with managers who seem to prize negativity. Or feeling that management never listens. Or fearing that if they do speak up, there will be blowback.

Getting beyond these challenges – and on with business transformation – requires fundamental shifts in thinking and feeling, the kind of changes that DCG is expert in bringing into being.

The Solutions

Transformation doesn’t occur when consultants do all the work. To the contrary, long-term, sustainable change occurs only when the frontline is engaged and active in the improvement process. At DCG, we equip them to do just that. 

DCG uniquely blends the latest research with time-tested process improvement methods. This powerful combination is pragmatically applied to real-life business challenges to produce unprecedented results.

Through our workshops, DCG’s consultants engage everyone in a way that is meaningful and immediate. In their workshops, participants must identify and solve a current business challenge facing their organization.  They learn the DCG methodology and apply those principles immediately. Workshops provide frontline staff in particular the opportunity to create and “own” their own solutions, to drive their implementation, and identify the measurements that will be used to track progress. Rather than an “us vs. them” mindset for dealing with organizational challenges, the workshop fosters a “we and ours” culture

Critical problem-solving skills are transferred during workshops. We fully subscribe to the “teach someone to fish” approach for helping clients achieve desired goals and outcomes. Although DCG plays an essential role in identifying the root cause of work problems and the generation of solutions, DCG also transfers the skills for identification and resolution of problems to its workshop participants.

The people component of process innovation is based on the results of academic research. Every principle taught in any DCG workshop is grounded in this research.  This ensures that the principles are both brain friendly and effective, and not a “flavor of the month.”