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What If Every Member of Your Organization Was 100% Invested In Its Success?

What Would Be Possible?

Imagine if everyone on your team had the potential for limitless creativity, confidence, effectiveness, and efficiency. Now imagine they were unable to access even a fraction of this power.

It might be time to give your organization another look.

Did you know that…?

    • Front line employees spend more than a third of their time at work dealing with obstacles rather than driving success
    • Most employees are not equipped to distinguish obstacle-based work from growth-based work.
    • Nearly a quarter of people involved in a project at any given time think it is doomed to fail from the start and still never speak up about it.

It’s a recipe for stagnation.

Yet most organizational development programs do little to address this. While the bulk of consultants give executives and managers insights and analysis, these findings fall short when applied to the high-pressure realities of your business. Traditional training programs bury workers with new skills, but without reinforcement. As such, old habits tend to pop right back up in the heat of any given workday.

At Dottino Consulting Group, we take a different approach. We operate in the space where leadership and front-line work intersects. Our programs are based around the idea that productivity, proactivity, and profits come from establishing the environment senior executives envision and then inspiring the front line to carry it out.

Is it easy? Absolutely not. But we have the power of nature’s most powerful machine on our side…the human brain.

Our Leadership Workshops

Leadership Frameworks™

In this program, we alternate theoretical leadership training with practical implementation. The workshop is conducted in three sections, interspersed with takeaways that are applied on the job. It enables leaders to more effectively engage frontline workers to achieve breakthrough results. When used properly it will always guide you to the best decisions possible. It’s learning-by-doing multiplied one hundredfold.

Grass Roots Innovation™

With this program, front-line team members acquire all the cognitive tools they need to innovate, create, and implement change, under your leadership. We work with them to feel utterly confident to execute at the highest level…on their own, while we work with you to lead this change paradigm. We stay available to ensure that leadership and frontline regularly exceed every success metric you’ve set. Turnover plummets. Frustration is alleviated. Burnout becomes a thing of the past.


  • Inspired DCG graduates save the OR $500,000 and become the top OR.

    “The Grass Roots workshop has so inspired the frontline that in the last eight months they have implemented a series of improvement projects that have resulted in saving surgical operations more than $500,000 in supplies – and we have just gotten started. When you started your work with us we were close to the bottom. In December we were recognized by our corporate office as the top performing operating room (out of 44 total).”
    NancyDirector of Surgical Services | Fish Memorial Hospital | Orange City, Florida
  • ED Transforms Patient Experience

    “I have been in the hospital several times in the past and have noticed an extreme difference in my nursing care this time. The level of care was phenomenal and the way the nurses are now interacting with patients leaves me with no concerns and that I am being taken care of as best as possible.”
    Patient - Unit 3900Florida Hospital | Altamonte Springs, Florida
  • The DCG Difference

    “On several occasions two years ago I had come to this emergency room as a patient and was treated very badly. When I found out today that I needed to come to this hospital, I dreaded coming back. The only reason I came back, was because this is where my Dr. instructed me to return. From the minute I came into the ED, the staff seemed caring—far different than in the past. They smiled and were concerned. My nurse explained what was happening and I felt confident that she would take good care of me. She even asked about my children and family, creating a more personal level and putting me at ease. I will never dread coming here again. THINGS HAVE REALLY CHANGED!”
    Patient – Emergency DepartmentFish Memorial | Orange City, Florida
  • Holiday Inn in Binghamton, NY dares to raise prices.

    “I knew I had poor morale, lack of initiative, and a pervasive attitude that anything that went wrong was somebody else’s problem and this led to unhappy guests, one of which was Tony Dottino. Tony taught me how to get the staff to buy into my goals and then trust that if they spoke to me with candor and had suggestions for improvements no one would be punished. As a result, the hotel’s revenue increased by 35%, hotel occupancy increased by 13%, and customer satisfaction has put us into the top 10.  And we even dared to raise our prices in a tough competitive market.”
    Candace Jones General Manager | Holiday Inn | Binghamton, NY
  • DCG and Grassroots Innovation transforms our culture and our results…. DNV BLOWN AWAY!

    “You have taught the executive team a new way of connecting with our frontline team and this has led to creating space for candid feedback to take place. This has helped us move to a high performing culture that is non-threatening and proactive. Any issues concerning patient care are addressed immediately and the results have shown in our overall willingness to recommend. Currently our Patient Experience scores are above the 75th percentile. Our employee morale/engagement as shown in our latest Gallup survey is the best we have ever achieved at 4.32. For an organization of almost 9000 people, the executive team is pleased but not satisfied. We will continue to utilize the skills and tools you have given us to create the high-performance culture we desire. And to finish it off, we just finished a full week of the DNV doing their audit. Our survey was exceptional...Zero clinical findings; A NEVER in the history of our surveys...the surveyors were blown away and our team was beaming! Long week, but well worth it!!"
    Yamile LunaVP of HR / Patient Experience | Florida Hospital
  • DCG transforms patient care by creating a collaborative culture.

    “Working with DCG has given our team the opportunity to learn skills that are allowing us to have meaningful conversations with each other regarding the single most important thing – patient care. They have helped to break down the silos that have kept us from working collaboratively and creatively to provide an exceptional experience for our patients and their families. In addition, they have helped us realize that everything we do and everything we communicate as leaders needs to focus the team around our goals and priorities. 2013 was the first year that we exceeded all of our financial targets and are making significant progress in our patient experience results. Tony, you are a great mentor, coach and friend. Your passion and investment in the success of our team (and in me) has been such a blessing. We are on the verge of greatness and the lessons I have learned from you are helping me be a better leader, wife and mother.”
    Jennifer ShullCNO | Fish Memorial Hospital Orange City, Florida

Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping

Learn an indispensable tool that can be used to enhance organizational communications, creativity, teamwork, and problem solving.

Cognitive Fitness

Cognitive Fitness

This workshop reshapes people’s thinking and behaviors. This includes basic memory techniques that can be applied to day-to-day work actions.



A one-day seminar that explains how organizational dynamics and memory impact an organization’s innovation.

Team Building

Team Building

A one-day seminar that highlights the basics of human thinking and how this impacts organizational dynamics and teamwork.