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Dottino Consulting Group (DCG) is a unique management-consulting firm specializing in the sustainable transfer of problem-solving innovation skills to frontline workers and new frameworks of thinking and behavior to leaders and managers. This drives customer experience and employee engagement to new levels, while reducing costs and enhancing revenues.

Grass Roots Innovation™

Popularly referred to as “The Three Day Miracle,” GRI™ is a workshop for frontline employees and their immediate manager/supervisor to identify and eliminate barriers to customer/client experience, process inefficiency and financial performance.

Leadership Frameworks™

One of DCG’s highest impact offerings, this workshop is focused on teaching critical leadership skills to managers/executives throughout the organization. This workshop complements Grass Roots Innovation (GRI) efforts.

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  • Patient satisfaction skyrockets to more than 90% (from less than 20%).

    “We had a number of Emergency Room teams go through Grass Roots Innovation in April and then sent our managers to the Leadership Frameworks class in September. It all paid off in December. We had the third highest volume in the history of the hospital – nearly 5000 patients – and we did it with 30% less staff. Morale is higher than ever and our Patient Experience scores have gone from the teens to the 90th percentile. On a personal level, each time I attend one of your workshops I learn something useful that helps me grow professionally. Combined with your mentoring and coaching I have become a much stronger leader for my team and the results speak for themselves. January continued to have historically high volumes and our patients are seeing the results of a fully engaged team of caregivers. We have moved five composites above the 75th percentile and one above 90 on our patient sat survey! And we are getting better each month and expect to have the other three above the 75th percentile within the next two months.”
    John LazarusDirector, Emergency Dept. | Fish Memorial Hospital | Orange City, Florida
  • IBM frontline workers learn to be change-agents

    “We have two choices with change in our lives. Whether we like it or not, we’re not going to be able to hide from it. Either we are going to be change agents or change victims. The tools from the DCG workshop were imperative if we were to take the business to the next level. We built a scorecard as we went along to calculate how many hours were saved as a result of the workshops. I learned that it was my role to create an environment that is open enough for people to tell me what was actually going on, even when it was unfavorable.” (The results were confirmed as the accounting department received the CFO Reach Award and Rich made the front cover of their award issue.)
    Rich BannonFormer accounting Director | IBM
  • A Leader Transformed by Leadership Frameworks™

    “Tony, your coaching and Frameworks class have changed the way I lead the organization and it has made a dramatic impact on me personally as well as professionally.”
    Beth WeagraffCOO | Florida Hospital
  • World-class satisfaction scores, 20% in patient volume growth attributed to DCG.

    “As a result of the work DCG did with my ED team, you have reduced door to doc time to less than 30 minutes, which led to a 20% growth in our in-patient volumes. And expanding this work to our in-patient and support teams has given us world-class Gallup Scores and patient satisfaction results above the 90% percentile. This has led us to an increase in our in-bed capacity and we now have more than 2000 employees. I want to personally thank you for the one-on-one help you have given me as it has made a significant impact on my leadership skills that I will be able to use forever.”
    Brian Adams COO | Florida Hospital Altamonte
  • DCG helps British Airways identify new revenue channels worth $1B over seven years.

    “DCG has helped bring British Airways through one of the most difficult times in our company history. Your work with our sales regions in the USA has resulted in more than $1B in new revenue over the last 7 years. Not sure we would have survived without your workshops that brought new skills to the USA sales team that have dramatically impacted how they work.”
    Jim KalinowskiFormer Director Marketing | British Airways
  • The Greening of Homeland Security leads to Best Practice Results.

    “DCG’s workshops address the most prevalent management challenges in a unique way, providing practical strategies and tools to engage employees. They help leaders create an environment that sustains creativity, passion for work and build leadership skills at all levels of the organization. When DCG started it was an environment of despair, lethargy, mediocre performance and lack of accountability. It was replaced with teamwork, creativity, pride and leadership at all levels. In addition to the thousands of dollars saved by the GRI teams, a significant benefit was realized when the American Correctional Association accorded us a score that was a close to perfect 95. This was a homeland detention center that two years earlier was at the bottom of the standings.”
    Anne KellyCEO Director | Federal Consulting Group

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Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping

Learn an indispensable tool that can be used to enhance organizational communications, creativity, teamwork, and problem solving.


Cognitive Fitness

Cognitive Fitness

This workshop reshapes people’s thinking and behaviors. This includes basic memory techniques that can be applied to day-to-day work actions.



A one-day seminar that explains how organizational dynamics and memory impact an organization’s innovation.

Team Building

Team Building

A one-day seminar that highlights the basics of human thinking and how this impacts organizational dynamics and teamwork.