Tony Dottino

Tony Dottino


DCG consultants think big – and it all starts at the top.

Founder Tony Dottino uses his head to get his clients to use theirs.

Throughout his distinguished career, Tony Dottino has been recognized for his energy and passion for helping people succeed.

At IBM, he created a process management workshop recognized as an IBM best-in-class practice, for which he received the President’s Award for Innovation and Teaching Excellence. The fundamentals of this methodology were integrated as key elements in what became Six Sigma.

Tony was part of the team that wrote the initial criteria of a national quality award for President Reagan. That work is now recognized as the Malcolm Baldrige Award.

In 1995, Tony founded DCG. His work here and elsewhere has been documented in two books – co-authoring The BrainSmart Leader and the critically acclaimed Grass Roots Leaders – The BrainSmart Revolution in Business.

Clients that have sought out Tony for help in applying his methodologies include Johnson & Johnson, British Airways IBM, UTi Global, JP Morgan CHASE, Con Edison, the Department of Homeland Security, and multiple locations of the Florida Hospital system.