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Al Homyk

Al Homyk

Vice President

As Vice President with DCG, Al Homyk applies his expertise to help clients with developing and implementing improved business and engineering processes. Prior to joining the Dottino Consulting Group, Al rose to the position of Director, Quality Assurance for the 4,400 person Electric Operations business unit at Con Edison Company of New York.  In this role, he developed and staffed a central Quality Assurance program for Con Edison’s electric distribution business that improved the quality of field work from 66% to 95% over a 4 year period.  He also pioneered a business process initiative, “Process Innovation through Teams”, that resulted in the formation of 150 self-directed work teams comprised of 635 individuals that saved Con Edison $10 million. “Process Innovation Through Teams” evolved into the current DCG Grass Roots Innovation and Leadership Frameworks programs. He has also taught hundreds of teachers, students, and individuals how to mindmap in seminars and lunch time breakout sessions.

Mr. Homyk holds 4 US patents for engineering innovations: 2 for radiation shielding, one for safely tapping streetlights for temporary power, and one for a device to obtain two-phase 240 volt service from a single-phase 120 volt supply in the field. He holds a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; and an MBA from Eastern Michigan University. He is also a licensed Professional Engineer in New York, Certified Health Physicist, and previously served as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the engineering school at RPI.

He has worked with well-known organizations in public and private industries, including the Canadian Nuclear Laboratory, Power Survey Corporation, Detroit Edison, Entergy Nuclear, Georgia Power, UTi, and Homeland Security.