Con Edison/Union

Con Edison/Union


DCG Brings Culture Change in a Union Environment, and Morale Soars. Frontline Workers Raise Quality and Reduce Operating Expenses by $10M

Con Edison, New York utility, was in the midst of tumultuous change and tremendous cost pressures in a union environment. Con Ed sought culture change, process improvement and innovation that would be led by the frontline

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  • Con Edison was in the process of selling most of its electric power plants to independent deregulated owners
  • The remaining “pipes and wires” company continued to be highly regulated.
  • Profitability was extremely challenging
  • There was tremendous pressure on containing costs and driving continuous business process improvement
  • An “Us-Vs-Them” relationship between rank and file union members and management stifled innovation


  • Con Edison selected Dottino Consulting Group and their signature workshops, Leadership Frameworks™ and Grass Roots Innovation™(GRI™)
  • Leadership Frameworks™ provided middle managers and executives the tools to manage change, open up communication and lead an innovative frontline workforce
  • DCG led 150 self-directed work teams, 635 frontline workers, through GRI™ Workshops
  • GRI™ teams identified and analyzed work problems and implemented solutions
  • DCG facilitated managers and workers to open communication and develop trust
  • DCG mentored managers and teams


  • Con Edison saved $10 million in net savings over the course of the program
  • A new trust developed between rank and file frontline workers and their managers
  • Executives and managers learned a new way to listen and interact with workers
  • Frontline workers were allowed to implement their own innovations and impact work processes, impacting the bottom line
  • Innovation became self-sustaining, as frontline workers felt trusted and empowered. They became enthusiastic about making and implementing change in their work and in their company
  • The relationship between managers and workers brought alignment to company goals